Biophagy’s Business Model

Biophagy is managing standard drug development programs in several therapeutic areas. It is also developing an OTC/DTC kit that will focus exclusively on autophagy stimulation and individual diagnostic measurement over an extended period.

Proprietary Drug Discovery CellWatch™
Biophagy’s proprietary drug discovery program has recently been granted a USPTO patent for a series of compounds that stimulate autophagy. These new drugs show promise in tuberculosis, SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19), and neurodegenerative disease. The company is currently investigating these indications and other potential avenues of development.

CellWatch™ Biophagy’s OTC product was rationally designed to stimulate autophagy for the individual health and longevity marketplace. The product kit encompasses a proprietary mix of rationally designed autophagy stimulants and includes a method of measuring the degree of autophagy functioning in an individual.